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About Us:

Chicagoland Direct Inc. has been involved in direct marketing for 20 years. The company started out as MIS Inc., providing data entry services to direct mail order companies for order entry and catalog requests. Since then Chicagoland Direct Inc. has changed to keep pace with the growth of the electronics, digital printing and the internet.

Chicagoland Direct Inc has taken these new business elements and combined them via this web site for the small business person to take advantage of direct mail marketing without investing large dollar amounts in collateral print.

Through the world of computers and digital printing presses we can now print, address and stream product right into the mail stream. This is how we can print a minimum of 50 cards per order. This flexibility now provides you the ability to attract more customers to your web site or store by customizing your offers to your specific customer base.

Chicagoland Direct Inc promotes a simple marketing philosophy to small business:
Invest your marketing dollars into two things.

First create your web site which should replace your collateral print and covers all aspects of your company’s services or products and should be kept current.

Second is to use postcards to drive current and potential customers to your web site, phone, store or restaurant. They are a great way to promote everything from a Just Listed home for sale by a Local Realtor to a special 2 for 1 offer at your local pizzeria.

Third is to make a commitment to your marketing plan and do not make it a knee jerk reaction when sales are slow. Today’s marketing analysis say that a potential customer will have to be exposed a minimum of three times to your marketing piece before they react to it.

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