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Frequently Asked Questions:


What size of postcards do you offer? – Our postcards are currently available in one size, Jumbo (5 1/2” high x 8 1/2” wide) via this web site. Standard (4 1/2” high x 5 1/2” wide) and Panoramic (5 1/2” high x 11 1/2” wide) are available by special order only. Click on the Products tab for more detailed information and options.


When will the postcards be in the mail? - All postcard orders are printed and delivered to the post office within two business days.

How fast will the US Postal Service deliver my mail? - Depending on the Postage Option you select, the post office will deliver them within three to ten business days. We do not recommend Standard Mail service for scheduled events occurring within 10 business days of your order date if mailed outside the Chicagoland area. See USPS Service Standards.

Do you guarantee delivery by the Post Office? - Our service includes delivery to the local bulk mail center of the US Postal Service. Responsibility for delivery is transferred to them at that time. We are unable to guarantee their service.

Can you get me a special mailing list? - You may purchase a custom radius list for your unlimited use during the postcard creation process. We also have extensive resources to acquire more specialized lists for our customers. If you have a special list need, please contact our list department 847-254-8090.

How can I get a card mailed to me? - Add your name and address and any other individuals you would like to receive samples. We suggest you call this list Seeds, which is a marketing term. Add this list to any of your mailings during the ordering process.


What if I like a template but want a different color? - If you have a specific color you would like to use you can contact our customer service department. Any template can be customized for your use for a small additional charge.

Can I change fonts or font colors? - Fonts can not be changed within the application. If you have a specific font you would like to use you can contact our customer service department. Any template can be customized for your use for a small additional charge.

Why doesn’t all of my copy fit? - All of the postcard templates are designed to allow type to change size if there is too much copy for the space allowed. If all of your copy does not fit you have exceeded the maximum allowable information for that area. If you feel that more room for copy should be available, please contact us by email.
Please provide us with the postcard number you are trying to use and include the text you are trying to fit.

What type of photo work best? - You may upload any .jpg photo you wish to use. For best results use images whose file size is at least 1 meg. Photos with an aspect ratio (long dimension divided by short dimension) of approximately 1.45 will look best.

Can I have a custom template created for me? - Our professional design team can help create a postcard with a look and feel just for you. They can also take your current design and image and make them available for your private use on our web site. We can also make custom color changes to any existing postcard template. For more information about our design services contact us at 847-254-8090 or email
Standard Design Rate $ 75 per hour
Custom Postcard $ 125 each
Cost to Place on Web $ 75 each

Can anyone use my custom design? - No. The designs we create for you are yours alone. If you want other users to have access to them, please contact us.

    General Site Questions

How do I remove photos from my “Library?” - Photos and images can be easily removed from your library. In fact we will send you an e-mail about images that are older than 90 days to assist in maintaining your library.

Can I create a Project without purchasing it? - Any project can be saved by completing all of the steps (form fill and data) and then click save. Any document can be edited, duplicated, reviewed, or purchased from “My Projects” area.

Why does the site seem slow? - The image files being used for the creation of your postcard are very large. This will cause the website to seem slow while it is uploading these files to your library. Be careful not to click multiple times, as this will slow it down further. Other reasons may include processor speed on your computer or bandwidth of your Internet connection.


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